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Client Testimonials

Hi Liz and Zan, I just wanted to thank you both for an amazing Saturday! It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I loved all aspects of it!!! A few thoughts for the next one. When is it BTW - I want to make sure I am on your list? -charge more! There was soooo much value added and worth much more than $15/hr. -length - would have loved a full day.

Tracy B. N.Meditation / Yoga Retreat Participant

No psychologist or therapist has ever talked to me this way. No one has ever helped me this much. You let me talk and you listen and you let me be me.

S.P., ArtistWellness Coaching client

I met Zan at an International Coaching Federation workshop and reached out to her to learn more about her health and wellness coaching practice. Zan has an excellent grasp of the practice of yoga, breath techniques and restorative options for healing and stress management. I highly recommend Zan as a collaborative partner in exploring modes and techniques for improving health and well-being.

Ronni T., Director of Lifelong Learning at Beth ShalomCoaching peer

Before I met Suzanne, I wasn't being consistent with including more healthy fruits and vegetables daily in my diet and planning my meals in advance. So I decided I would hire a health coach, being a coach myself, I knew that is what I needed. From the very first session, I knew this would be different. Suzanne really listened to me and shared a lot of valuable information with me that was very helpful. I began to simple practice, I would have small victories and then sometimes feel like I wasn't making progress. But I always felt hopeful because Suzanne would continue to encourage and support me. I really enjoyed grocery shopping with Suzanne and cooking with her, she shared many helpful tips with me. I began to get out of my comfort zone trying new recipes, eating fruits and veggies I hadn't tried before. As I continued to practice what I had learned with Suzanne, I developed new habits and now I enjoy cooking and trying new things. She also shared with me some simple techniques to reduce and eliminate stress that has been very helpful. I also lost two dress sizes 🙂 My goal was to lose one dress size. ​ If you are feeling stuck, or just not sure what you need to do to reach your health goals, I would highly recommend working with Suzanne and Simply Practice.

Natasha GodwinWellness Coaching client

As an experienced life-coach, Zan has helped me reconnect with my values and acknowledge my inner voice. Doing so has helped me recognize what I truly yearn for in a career and how to navigate that path. I love and admire Zan’s holistic approach to caring for self. She understands what true and long-lasting health and wellness consist of. From professional lives to physical health and wellness, Zan is educated, experienced, and passionate about helping others care for themselves in all aspects of life.

Maura C., Physician’s AsstApex, NCWellness & Life Coaching Client

As a professional coach myself, I have worked with many coaches at all stages of their practice. Suzanne is not only a natural, but it is obvious that she has spent focused years honing her craft. The months I spent working with Suzanne were transformational, not for the wisdom she shared, but because of how skillfully she guided me towards the lessons I needed to find within my self.

Matt A., CPHR, CPC Boeing, Seattle, WA

I have had coaching sessions with Suzanne. At 60 I am not easily impressed and I tend to think I can DIY most of what I need, but I decided I needed some support and reached out to Suzanne because I knew her from other contexts and trusted her. I'm no stranger to various kinds of therapy and support groups, lots of self-help reading and classes, and trying to practice techniques I have learned. I'm really into dynamic self change and have studied in an accredited seminary program where I took pastoral care 3 times because I found it so helpful; and Suzanne is excellent. This was my first experience with coaching outside of the wellness field. The sessions with Suzanne were a joy and have really helped me feel much better and self-empowered to respond to the specific things that were concerning me and led me to work with her. She also gave me concrete and actionable tools I could use to keep the progress going on my own and welcomed me to send her periodic short communications about how I'm using those tools. I highly recommend coaching with Suzanne, and plan to use her services in the future.

M.C.Cary, NCWellness Coaching

I have to thank you so much for helping me find some peace.. Being able to talk it all out and think through all the stressful situations and how to approach them took so much weight off my shoulders. I have decided to delay my trip for another month or so, which frees me up to relax and settle back to normal for a while. This was a wonderful Christmas gift!!

Joy D.Wellness Coaching client

Zan has introduced me to a whole new concept of yoga practice which connects postures with breath. I feel I'm working from strength that brings me to a more rested and meditative state. I always look forward to our sessions. She's incredibly intuitive and responsive to our needs, and a lot of fun to work with.

J.G.Yoga Client

Suzanne guided me through a life changing personal development program. She set practical, achievable objectives and follow-up on them through periodic phone calls. She had an holistic approach to health, in-depth knowledge of the elements that are key for well-being and great communication skills. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone looking to improve her/his well-being through a change in lifestyle. Thank you Suzanne for all your great work!

Claudio G., PhD Data Analyst, NetherlandsLife and Wellness Coaching Client

My experience with life coaching was immeasurably helpful during a career transition into a leadership role. I was struggling to match my current skills and confidence-level to a new promotion. Without having had much education or training in the new area, I was feeling stuck on how to take next steps and feeling paralyzed by my anxiety. I met with Suzanne for one-on-one mentoring and she truly helped me see the strengths I already had in place. Suzanne also provided me with a supportive framework to self-problem solve and empowered me to push through my own self-doubt with realistic goal setting and practical ideas. I love my job and am thankful Suzanne was able to give me the support I needed in order to have a successful start.

Caroline - G., MSW, LCSW-C Clinical Social WorkerWellness and Life Coaching

Dear Suzanne & Liz (Colleague of zan), Thank you sooo much for the wonderful mini retreat this morning. It was just what I needed and I am so grateful to have hit my "reset" button to start the day with new perspective and a sense of peace. I thought the Yoga practices were perfect. And the food was divine! You ladies are such great teachers. Thank you for making our little corner of the world a brighter place Namaste

Amy M.Meditation Retreat Participant
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