What is a Wellness Coach anyways?

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There are so many misconceptions about what a Life Coach or Wellness coach does. Some people think of a therapist or personal trainer. In my FAQ I list what a coach does not do. Read that here.

A coach provides support, a listening ear, acts as a guide, and with you, helps hold you accountable for the small changes you are making with a view to creating a different outcome, a different future, a greater representation of your potential. It’s not the kind of potential that requires driving our selves into “bigger and better”, rather a subtler natural potential – the kind that allows you to naturally unfold into the person you are; the person whom with a little effort from you, in combination with the grace of the universe and the environment, allows you to touch your heart’s desire. Like the potential of any other piece of nature – a tree, a flower, a fully matured you. We are pieces of nature. We stretch, we grow, we bloom.” 

Wellness coaching
Wellness coaching

“Become you. When you become you, everything begins to fall into place as you honour yourself, take more response – ability for your self, make choices that better suit you and find more ease in your relationships. Become your own guru. Using the practices of Viniyoga and the techniques of Life and Wellness Coaching, we will work together to keep you on your path toward greater peace & well being.

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