Wellness Coaching

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~ Carl Jung

Wellness coaching steps

We may cycle through these steps in different areas of your life as you develop insights and learn about your self. 


Step 1

Together we build a Coaching Relationship that provides you with trusted support, kind accountability and a safe place to explore your thoughts.


Step 2

Through coaching-style questions and your thoughtful answers, we will listen for your patterns of thought and action. These might include habits of self-sabotage or difficulty with your learned reactions to managing stress, for example. Over time, with insight, you can learn to see default habits of mind and gradually shift your mindset with practice


Step 3

From the work in step 2, we begin to develop a personal practice that has meaning for you; that suits your values and lifestyle. . We keep your overall well-being in mind so that you achieve balance and happiness.

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Combining Wellness with the Yoga philosophy.

We combine the gentle aspects of yoga philosophy and life coaching to help individuals find greater:

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Stability
  • Joy
  • Ease
  • Balance
  • Comfort 

Through a series of what we call “necessary conversations” we shall come up with a lifestyle practice for you, that naturally leads you to more peace and well-being. Using yoga techniques and its multi-faceted healing philosophies you will learn to guide yourself to more balance, less stress, greater ease and confidence.

Wellness Life Coaching with Yoga

Coaching FAQ

Who is wellness/life coaching for?

Anyone and everyone.  First, you must recognize that coaching can help you get “unstuck.” Many times, my clients are in some kind of transition in work or in life stage. Regardless of your situation, my practice is to work with you to determine whatever it means to you to be whole.

What are the misconceptions about coaching?

Many people think a wellness or life coach is like a personal trainer. That is not the case. A life coach is not a personal trainer, a counselor or a dietitian.

We will learn to bridge the gap between medical recommendations – like eat less and exercise more – to behaviors that are necessary to implement these healthy habits.

We look for creative approaches; for example, it might be that you need to eat differently, not less.

Also, many people think coaches and therapist are interchangeable. That is not the case. Coaching is not therapy – and very often what we need is someone to listen – not to judge or diagnose – but to listen and support. Read my blog post on “What is a Wellness Coach anyway?” 

Wellness coaching

How do we meet?

During the current COVID-19 scenario, we shall continue to offer wellness coaching programs virtually and/or by phone. People differ in their preference. I have also shared coaching sessions while walking. There is a lot of benefit to walking and talking at the same time. Walking is a contralateral activity: engaging both sides of the brain, supporting focus and concentration, and facilitating new neural pathways.

Do you work with executives or do you do work-place coaching?

Yes, I have worked with many individuals who felt stuck at work and needed wellness/life coaching. And I’ve worked with individuals who were worrying about performance, applying for promotions, and finding a job that’s a better fit.

While stress is common in the workplace, constant stress or too much stress can interfere with daily activities and can have both physical and mental effects in the long run. 

We use the empowering tools of yoga and meditation to create a path of self-discovery for the modern, working individual. As you move up the ladder, our lifestyle practices will help you to become more focused and balanced. Coaching can help you to find a more even temperament, your greatest potential for the job that you are doing, or the confidence to find a job that does. Coaching will help you develop a higher degree of awareness and mindfulness in all life areas.


Do you have a standard method of coaching?

Everyone is different therefore there is no standard approach.

Together we design a ‘coaching contract’ in service of you and your path to change. We will develop a ‘personal practice’ designed to work with the multidimensional nature of human beings – we all have a physical, mental, intellectual, vital and emotional dimension. I draw from an ancient Viniyoga model that has endured for 2500 years.

How do I know wellness coaching is for me?

It might be easier to state who it is not for.  You might be having trouble succeeding at making the changes you’d like to make in your life. You may think you don’t know how to create change; or that you don’t have the right character or skills for making change. You might be confused by all the information that’s available and not know who to believe or what advice to follow. You may have given up in the past and yes still have this lingering desire; you know deep down you’d like to make change and you just don’t know the steps or practices that can help lead you into a different lifestyle. Wellness coaching isn’t for you if you want to –
  • Learn how to be perfect.
  • Learn to multitask.
  • Allow you to run from yourself.
  • Give you excuses for bad emotional behavior.

What do I do if I know I need to change but I am afraid to?

We have to come to the realization that some parts of our life are going to have to change for there to be different results… the old Einstein quote:

“Doing things the same way and expecting different outcomes is the definition of insanity.”

And,  Hippocrates says: we must “realize” our capacity for change – and be encouraged to create the change slowly.  Slow change is less scary, more gradual, far more likely to actually take place, and to take place successfully – commitment to making small changes over time will certainly create a different future. 

I like to use the analogy of a compass as well – we only need to shift the dial on the compass a few degrees further north or East to arrive at a completely different destination.

Suzanne Wellness Coach with yoga

Coaching the mind and body.

Get ready to evolve and design your life.

Multiple Session Payment Options
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