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Registered yoga teacher and wellness coach, with over 1500 + hours of teaching

You have and you are everything it takes to transform your life.  ~ Zan, Simply Practice.

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My early background:

Throughout my formative years, I was always interested and curious about how we are, and how we function. What keeps us alive, our hearts beating, how do all these amazing processes go on inside our bodies – I was perennially in awe of how closely connected we all are, as I realized that we were not paying attention to all that was going on, not as much as we should.

Suzanne Ballantyne baby photo

The very word yoga means “union”, a coming together of humankind and nature, a union of us and the mystical world, and this sparked my interest in learning more about Yoga as a philosophy. 

My first foray into meditation was a course at college called, “The History and Practice of Christian Meditation”. I was intrigued. I had been brought up as a Catholic, that was Christian, how come I didn’t know anything about meditation?

After getting a B.A. in Psychology, I studied the History and Philosophy of Education in a Master’s Program. Although I took a smattering of religious studies courses along the way, I didn’t quite know how to fit my spiritual side into an academic approach.

Once I discovered Yoga and tasted the quiet, the stillness, the silence and its meditative quality, I found my way back to meditation. I started going to 2 – 5 day silent retreats. I discovered how these practices could help me through the more difficult times in our lives – big transitions and aging parents and loss and accidents and illness.  My studies in the history and philosophy of education, helped me delve into the process of learning and development.

And once introduced to Yoga, my focus then shifted, I began to want to learn more about Eastern philosophy and the history and practices of yoga and meditation. 

To me, everything is a practice.

Yoga is meditation and both are practices that support and sustain our minds and our bodies. They are practices that allow us to learn more about ourselves and discover how we work. I had finally found a way to get the answer to my earliest questions. I don’t know all the answers yet. I do know that having these practices in my life provides me with great comfort and joy; they’ve helped me get through the most difficult times of my life’s journey.. And, what I’ve discovered is that the more we practice the better we get at living life well.

On a Saturday, in June of 2015 - exactly a week before my 52nd birthday,

My shoulder I healed through yoga

I slipped on a wet pavement in a park in Greensboro, North Carolina. I lay on the pavement for quite some time while my husband protected me from the people who wanted to help me up. I knew something wasn’t right. After several minutes, I managed to get myself up and over to the wall under some shelter. I thought I must have dislocated my shoulder because I didn’t seem to have any way of moving it.. After x-rays confirmed a broken shoulder at the hospital in Greensboro, I was released with pain killers. My husband drove us home – about a 75-minute drive. 

The following Tuesday after and a few more imaging techniques, I had my humerus reattached to the ball of my shoulder joint with a plate and 10 screws. 

7 months post-op….

I could barely raise my arm above my shoulder and was using a lot of compensation... or engage with it in normal activity - the doctor treating me said - “This is what you can expect”.

I stuck to my daily yoga practice, which helped to keep the arm flexible and heal faster. This was also when I discovered Gary and a way to do yoga that sustains and supports movement in the body. This was also when I learned to work with breath- breath is such an essential part of your practice – it is an initiator of movement. The orthopedic surgeon put me on painkillers and an array of medication, but my belief in the healing power of yoga saw me through –

Gray K
Suzanne with Gary Kraftsow

 I can now raise my arms above my shoulders, practice asanas, and even do cartwheels!

Suzanne in Yoga Mountain Pose
Suzanne - December 2020 - Montreal Canada

My experience is that Yoga is healing force!

“My greatest hope & joy is to support the strength and preservation of my students; so they can find their own peace, comfort, and well-being in life.”

Suzanne Ballantyne

Suzanne, or Zan, as she is fondly called, studied Yoga with the American Viniyoga Institute, training under its founder and renowned proponent of Viniyoga, Gary Krafstow (E-RYT500, Yoga Instructor, Masters Degree in Psychology and Religion, and author of Yoga for Wellness, 1999; Yoga for Transformation, 2002.), a student of T.K.V Desikachar, whose father, Sri Krishnamacharya is considered to be the father of modern yoga.

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  • Suzanne has been practicing Yoga for more than 20 years and is now in her 11th year, as a teacher and wellness coach.
  • She recently completed a 500-hour training with the American Viniyoga Institute. 
  • She is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, earning her ACC credentials from the International Coaching Federation.
  • Suzanne is registered with the Yoga Alliance and carries her own liability insurance. 
Simply Practice Yoga session
This is

What I do

Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Wellness Coach.


Lifestyle practices

As a registered Yoga teacher, Suzanne teaches yoga and meditation to create ‘space’ in our lives, our bodies, and minds. Yoga is not just asana, or exercise, nor is meditation simply sitting in stillness. Both are lifestyle practices that set the stage for a deeper, clearer union with oneself and our lives.

On-line Yoga and Meditation

During these times, you can find her encouraging people to simply practice online, through virtual yoga classes, weekday meditations and coaching. In the past, she engaged with local businesses, for their wellness and fitness programs. (SAS, IBM, Metlife, Cisco, NetApp, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church).

Wellness & Restorative Programs

Growing our perspective makes room for more possibility on our life path. As well as her Yoga classes and Wellness Coaching, Suzanne also leads restorative programs and a variety of retreats to encourage and to teach people how to practice self care.

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