Having trouble sustaining your sense of well-being?

Transform your life with Coaching, Yoga and Meditation

  • Meet yourself where you are.
  • Discover your confidence.
  • Plant seeds for an inspired life.
Suzanne of Simply Practice demonstrating a yoga pose.
Find more comfort and joy * Increase your Wellbeing


Find a better life / work balance

Using movement, breath and mindfulness, you will learn to find a better life-work balance. Putting life and vitality first makes all the difference for our work.

Learn about yourself

Our egos make us feel that we are not enough and leads us to feel overwhelmed. Through yoga, meditation and coaching you learn we are enough.

Learn to rest your mind.

Does your mind race? Do you become easily distracted? Have trouble sleeping? These are common phenomena in our culture. And, we can learn to relax and develop healthier mind states with movement and breath.

Improve your energy

We can use Meditation and Yoga to restore and revitalize. Yoga is not just exercise. Over time, practice will leave you feeling refreshed and at ease. Let practice become a part of your lifestyle.

Navigate problems with less stress.

With new lifestyle practices, you will start to find that you navigate life's troubles with more balance, more comfort and joy, and less stress.

Become more mindful

We have all mindlessly grabbed a snack without considering what our body-mind might actually need. This is how unconscious behaviour leads to unhealthy habits. Simply Practice teaches you techniques to develop a more conscious relationship with your self so you can make better decisions. Practice doesn’t make perfect - it does help us become more present with our choices leading to greater health and wellbeing.


Transform Your Life with Practice. We have sample classes, class cards and pay as you go options.

coaching books

Wellness Coaching

Deepen your levels of awareness and expression. Uncover a deeper understanding of who you are.

Meditation Retreats

Through meditation, we build intimate relationships with your body-mind. They are not separate. We are not separate. We are connected by breath.

Current and Past Contract Clients

Client Reviews

Suzanne is a wonderful teacher and human being. Her profound knowledge of breathing techniques not only enrich yoga practice but are so helpful to find back to a calm centre in daily life. Her practice always focuses on the needs and well-being of her students. Nothing is strenuous, nothing is about perfectionism, but only on reconnecting with the body and mind in a healthy and conscious way. I have practiced with Suzanne for several years and still I am excited about every opportunity to learn from her. She adapts each practice to serve the community she creates among and with her students. She goes out of her way to make practice meaningful every single time, and has succeeded to make virtual yoga a great experience that I wouldn't want to miss. I leave each practice feeling energized, flexible, and with a smile on my face. Montreal, you are lucky to have this amazing teacher close-by now!

Verena Kasper-MarienbergYoga Client

I loved every minute of Zan and Liz's silent yoga/meditation retreat. The balance between yoga/meditation and the visualization exercise was perfect. The energy was wonderful and I felt relaxed and focused, returning home feeling happy and open. It was a a very uplifting experience which I will be attending again for sure in the hopefully near future.

Sandy C., Chapel Hill, N.C.Meditation / Yoga Retreat Participant

I have participated in or attended Simply Practice yoga classes, meditations and in-person and virtual retreats. They have all been amazing! Zan Ballantyne is a shining example of living the yoga lifestyle and she shares her enthusiasm and knowledge in a caring, loving way.

Suzanne is an amazing yoga instructor! I've been working with her for the last 10 years. Suzanne is warm, friendly, and encouraging. When I first started with her as my yoga instructor she helped me customize my practice as a beginner. Suzanne's philosophy is the do what you can and simply keep practicing and make modifications when you need too. If you are feeling stressed out and need some calm in your life look no further :).

Kim ChestnuttYoga Client

Discover how to nurture the roots of good health, stability, and balance, for greater peace and well-being.

When you "simply" start to "practice", you will begin your journey to living an inspired life.

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